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Why Do People Care What They Do in Davos This Week?

I wrote an article about a year ago when people first started talking about the World Health Organization (WHO) treaty possibly being signed by Biden. I asked the question, what difference does it really make? The treaty is exactly what they did in 2020 without a signed treaty.

By even caring about what they do in Davos, is giving your power over to them. It is saying that they have authority over you and your life, when they do not. They only have the power that you give to them. Are you going to do what they say? Or tell them to take their treaty and shove it where the sun don't shine?

Now, if they sign a treaty and you do everything that they tell you to do, like all the ‘sheeple’ that worm masks in 2020 and 2021. Then they control and own you. However, if you are like me and could care less about what they do, what they sign in Davos, you are a free independent human being.

I have been demonstrating for over 4 years now that I am a Sovereign being and there is absolutely no authority over me. NONE! Because I know that I am ONE with God/All That IS, and I can never be separated from the Universe and God/All That IS.

When you KNOW exactly who you are as a Sovereign Divine Being of Light, eternal, and limitless. You live your life with no fear, and you live from your heart center and inner wisdom.

All these distractions the Globalists place in front of the population and they run to look at the distraction that was placed there to gain your attention. I will keep saying it, “People Wake Up!” Stop allowing yourself to be distracted by things that do not matter. What is happening in Davos this week does not matter in the least.

I like much of the Inspired YouTube channel, but this video I could careless about.

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