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Universal Unity with Joanna L. Ross

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Joanna L. Ross host of Universal Unity Radio on Friday May 20, 2016 at 7:00 PM EDT. This show will be pre-recorded. Click here to listen to the show. Joanna was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia inspired by all facets of life around her. She relocated to Vancouver in her twenties where she worked for a number of years at various public and private sector jobs, but was always drawn to the mysteries and wonders of life.

Her conscious shift to metaphysics came after the birth of her second child. A series of soul-wrenching dreams impelled her to recognize her innate psychic abilities. After being prescribed to meditate as a way to make peace with her dreams, she was spun into a path of exploring and entangling with the world of energy beyond what can be physically seen. Joanna was awakened to her spirit guides, multi-dimensional, and energetic beings of a myriad of forms and species in her higher states of consciousness. Over the years, these cosmic friends and family began to introduce themselves in the sky and would be with her throughout her daily life and worldly travels. The elegance of this incredible and vast Universe and all of its offerings is truly Joanna’s calling to explore and disseminate the potentials of this vast cosmos and Universal majesty. Joanna was spun into the unfathomable and sometimes unexplainable process of ascension. Joanna’s first remembrance of contact with her celestial family was at the age of five, which left a lasting and very loving impression upon her, and was the ignition to fuel a devoted path to explore all that this infinite Universe could offer. The profound synchronistic events that ensued intensified her desire to understand the multi-dimensional realms she experienced during meditation, and marked the beginning of her infinite path as a student of the Universe. Joanna now lives a harmonious life in Calgary, Alberta with her family. In gratitude, she is inspired to share, educate, and enlighten those who desire to understand ascension, Universal Laws, and the greater Universal family that humanity is now awakening to. Joanna inspires and teaches the elegance of preparing for expansive entanglement with our multi-dimensional family, the world beyond earth’s atmospheric borders, and the stirring of Source within all life. Today, Joanna is the founder of Universal Unity. She is also an Intuitive Visionary, Public Speaker, Esoteric Wisdom teacher, Author, and Ambassador for Universal Unity. In the process of ascension, we not only gain a greater understanding of the Universe and our role within it, we also gain insight into our expansive multi-dimensional celestial families and the spiritual path we walk as a collective upon Gaia. Joanna offers the Universal Unity platform as a portal to all things that relate to our insatiable curiosity to heighten our awareness, grow in love and light, and create the frequency for a new 5th dimensional earth. To learn more about Joanna visit her website:

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