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Momentum Mastery with Thomas Young

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Thomas Young, heart teacher, on Friday February 17, 2017 at 7:00 PM EST. This show was pre-recorded in video format. Click here to listen to the show on BlogTalk Radio, or Click here to watch the show on YouTube. Heart teacher Thomas Young walks his talk: “True trans¬formation only takes place through the heart center. The moment you anchor your life deeply in the heart center, you follow the path of the Initiates”. The clairvoyant mystic introduces special techniques on how to experience the energy of the heart center. On his travels throughout the world Young who is of German origin experienced several heart initiations which completely transformed his life. Experience the awakening of your heart center at a weekend conference or retreat with this unconventional teacher and open yourself to true freedom and inner bliss. “To experience how the heart center of students awakens is one of the most precious adventures of our time. We sense the golden thread of our souls which showers us with love from an infinite source. Thomas Young holds a M.A. in Sociology, Psychology and English. He majored with an essay on "Humor“ and after that was offered to teach on the subject of “Humor” at University which he successfully did for one season. Instead of choosing an academic career he had already decided to found a creative company in the beginning of 1992. Thomas Young successfully led his company as Founder/CEO for 8 consecutive years and sold it in the beginning of 2000 which also marks the start of his path as a wisdom teacher. From then on he built up an ever increasing following of people from all walks of life who are interested in self-development, healing, consciousness-raising techniques and especially in exploring the heart center. Since 2005 he calls Big Island Hawaii the Home of his Heart. Thomas Young sees himself as a conduit, a high frequency catalyst of consciousness. Other than that Thomas is a grounded being, likes action movies, loves football and is delighted by a morning cup uf Kona Coffee. National Teachings since 1998 International Teachings since 2000 From the very beginning Thomas Young attracted into his workshops, seminars and speeches high-profiled people and multiplicators being themselves leaders in their own field of expertise such as doctors, healers, principals, CEOs and therapists from a variety of schools. What the mystic has to offer as a heart teacher is truly unique to those excellent participants. Thomas Young is a well-known and well-received key note speaker on many congresses. His heart work has been featured in various articles and media appearances. Just recently in the movie AWAKE in the Dream by award-winning director Catharina Roland who portrayed spiritual teachers worldwide in her striking film. To learn more about Thomas visit his website:

Momentum Mastery

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