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Spirit Teaches with Sara Ruble

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Sara Ruble on Friday, June 15, 2018 at 7:00 PM EDT. This show was pre-recorded. Click here to listen to the show. I met Sara at the 1st Helping Parents Heal Conference in Phoenix this past April. I attended her workshop and really identified with her message about Soul Planning. I had been reading the books Your Soul's Plan and Your Soul's Gift while my son Kyle was on life-support his last month in this earthly realm. Sara channels my son, Scott. She hear his words and know his soul has merged with her. This extraordinary aspect of her life came as a complete surprise…and yet was always meant to be. Sara is a mom, Scott, her only child, loved beyond measure, left this earth at age nineteen. It was so sudden I could not even comprehend the chain of events that created his transition. Healthy one day, sick with strep throat the next, add in dehydration, elevation, a seizure disorder… Unbelievably, undeniably, his earthly life was completed…as he slept in a room at a national park for his summer job. Her grief was all consuming. It pushed her and pulled at her, so relentless as she traveled those uncharted waters, to somehow find meaning and balance in a new life without Scott… Yes, as many of you have experienced too, Scott made his spiritual presence known to her, bringing incredible, magical signs as she struggled with missing him…reassuring her he existed on a level he had not known even existed. He has become her teacher, her life coach, her inspiration, her voice…as Spirit. His communication became a daily occurrence, the conversations as clear as if he were here in his body. She listened so closely for any direction from Spirit. She heard and felt nothing but pure love and guidance… He pushes her still as you learn reading our Death Teaches blogs. “That’s the deal.” Scott said, “We soul planned this lifetime Mom, to do this important work together. Planned it all before we were born. Come on! You’ll see more…and you are ready!” And so it all began…and continues…as Scott/Spirit and she collaborate on their blogs to bring a deeper, clearer understanding of our spiritual and soul planned journeys. "When the voice within me was almost stronger than mine…clearer than what I could have ever hoped for, filled with love, insight, guidance for me and others…I had to listen. I could not listen!" To learn more about Sara visit her website:

Sara Ruble: Signs and Connections:

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