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The Time Is Now with Lauren Granger

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with author of the "The Now" book series, Lauren Granger on Friday, February 22, 2019 at 7:00 PM EST. Click here to listen to the show. I had the pleasure of volunteering with Lauren for Humanity's Team in 2016. Humanity's Team if the 501c3 non-profit organization founded by Neale Donald Walsch. During that time she told me she was writing a book that was going to be published soon. I was not aware at the time that she was channeling the book which were coming from her spirit guide team named "The Teachers". Since then she has published "The Now" book series with three books in the series. The Book Of Now, The Time Is Now, and The View From Now are all available on Amazon and Kindle. Lauren had a connection to spirit since she was a child and now she is writing books for her spirit guides "The Teachers" with automatic writing and channeling. There is no doubt that life has been an adventure for her filled with ups and downs. Through the darkness and the light, she learned the lessons of Love, Joy, Peace and Happiness which can only come from within each of us. Lauren tends to be a world traveler, living a kind of nomadic life style. She travelers from country to country, across any continent, it is all home to her. Her family lives in many different locations within the continental U.S. Therefore she also enjoys traveling and visiting with them wherever they are located. During her working career she was an entrepreneur working in the fields of Education, Psychology, and Social Work. After that, she sold everything she had, bought a small airplane and went flying through the Caribbean. She launched a private charter airline for flying passengers throughout the Caribbean. Journaling for over 20 years was her way of putting her thoughts, fears, and loves on paper. It was through journaling that she learned she would be writing one day. She learned that she would be guided to write books from her spirit guides. It is her hope, that through the words of The Teachers speaking through her, more of the world will learn and be open to practicing the lessons of peace. The first book in the series The Book Of Now, The Teachers wish is for people of Earth to live in peace and prosperity. The Now book series is for everyone who is ready to journey into a peaceful existence. The Time Is Now is the second book from Lauren and The Teachers. The Time Is Now is about taking action. The time has come for YOU to create the action that will bring peace to yourself and to all of Earth. The View From Now is the third book in the Now series. It descriptively paints a view of your loving self and your ability to create a loving world. Peace is possible for you and your planet. To learn more about Lauren visit her Blog site:

Book Of Now by Lauren Granger:

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