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Brightly Guided Life with Ingrid Honkala

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with scientist and author Ingrid Honkala on Friday, August 30, 2019 at 7:00 PM EDT. This program has been pre-recorded. Click here to listen to the show on BlogTalk Radio. Or click here to watch the show on YouTube.

Ingrid was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, where she lived with her parents and three sisters. Just before her 3rd birthday she drowned and had a near-death experience (NDE) while playing with her sisters. She describes her NDE is great details in this program.

Although Ingrid grew up in the mountains, her love for the ocean started when her parents brought her to the beach for the very first time when she was four. She perceived the ocean as a huge blanket and told my mom that someday she was going to find what was hidden under it. At five she told her father, “When I grow up, I am going to become a marine scientist.”

She pursued her dream and went to college where she graduated as a Marine Biologist and later continued her graduate and she received a Ph.D. in Marine Sciences with emphasis in Biological Oceanography. Her passion for her career has brought her to be a very successful scientist in this field.

Since she was very little her parents discovered that her abilities were astonishing but that was not all. Later they also discovered that she could see and hear things that no one else could. All this seemed to be tied up with the aftermath of her near-death experience (NDE) when she drowned.

Not long after her NDE, she started to communicate with Beings of Light who guided her through many journeys, not just around the world but also through the barriers of time. With them she has been able to access past life experiences of herself and others, as well as future events.

As she grew up and remembered her drowning, she could never get away from the question, “How could I have seen my body lifeless if I was still alive?” This experience made it clear to her that there was an existence beyond the body. Before she was three, she was gifted with knowing that she had existed for a very long time. In fact, she has come and gone in different realms many more times.

Ingrid’s autobiography A Brightly Guided Life reveals how after having a NDE at the age of two, the first glimpses of heaven were revealed to her and the doors that allow her to communicate with Beings of Light were opened. Since then a myriad of experiences that many could call as mystical and perhaps impossible have crossed her path. However, the Beings of Light have made it clear to her that she is not here to convince anyone about anything but to be a giver of light.

To learn more about Ingrid visit her website:

It Isn't Just About Co-creating but Following Inner-Guidance

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