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Dr. Shiva Only Wants Sheeple

Watch the video on Bitchute. I first learned of Dr. Shiva in March of 2020. I started following his videos at that time because I knew the Plandemic was fake and he was speaking up about that. It did not take me very long to stop following him.

It was not because of what he was saying, it was because of how he was saying it. First off, his attack on Robert Kennedy Jr. in 2020 was completely uncalled for and the way he went about it was just so unprofessional and unkind. That showed me Shiva’s true character.

The other reason is that you cannot listen to Shiva speak for more than a few minutes without his overbearing arrogance and ego getting in the way of everything he says. I thought Trump was arrogant, but Shiva takes the award for being the most arrogant person on the planet.

I was invited and attended a Zoom meeting with Dr. Shiva today and he asked me to introduce myself. Then I was quickly cut off and prevented from speaking and finishing my introduction. This is supposed to be a person standing up for Free Speech, yet he does not allow freedom of speech in his meeting?

People do not care about what you know if you show them, you do not care about them or what they think or what they have to say. All he does is brag about himself and tell people they must take his course. Hand out his flyers and vote for him. He is only looking for “Sheeple”. If you are not a “Sheeple” he has no use for you.

He talked about people who do not like his use of curse words. He spoke about them like they have an issue because they prefer not to hear curse words. With his MIT education he does not know how to use better words?

I welcome Dr. Shiva to have a conversation with me. I dare Dr. Shiva to have a conversation with me. Which, I know he would not because he is afraid of me, and anyone like me. He will show his true colors, which his only intention is service to himself. There is nothing he can say that can make an excuse for his treatment of me today and it was recorded and public.

After the meeting, I spoke with the lady who invited me to the meeting, and she was so embarrassed by Shiva’s behavior towards me. She also told me he has treated others the same way before.

Open Letter to Dr. Shiva: Dear Dr. Shiva,

I first learned of you early in 2020. I listened to you for a little while and then stopped. I stopped for several reasons, but mainly because of your arrogance and ego. It is so sad that you cannot listen to anyone but your own voice. You are not at all what the people need.

The people do not need someone to tell them how to think and that is all you do. You cut me off because you can see I clearly have much more wisdom and intelligence than you do without a degree. You are the most arrogant person I have ever met in my life. You will eventually expose yourself because people like you always do.

We are living in times where everyone who has intentions that are only for self-grandiose, and self-promotion will expose themselves. You think you are exposing others when you are only showing the world who you truly are. I am so glad what you did to me was recorded.

I will be sure to let my audience know my experience with you when I was invited to your meeting. The person who invited me was an eyewitness to how I was treated.

Sincerely, Caroline

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