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Frequency Writer with Marie Mohler

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Marie Mohler, author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit on Friday, August 2, 2019 at 7:00 PM EDT. This program was pre-recorded. Click here to listen to the show. Or click here to watch it on YouTube. Marie is a Frequency writer, scribe, channel and artist. In ancient cultures, scribes were often specially trained and served as record keepers, copiers of manuscripts, especially before the invention of the printing press. The word “scribe” comes from the Latin word “scriba,” that described a person who was a public notary or clerk of the ancient Roman government. Marie, as a scribe for Spirit today, she essentially writes inspired thoughts, expansive energies, sacred stories, and light frequencies down by hand that she receives through a process called channeling or automatic handwriting. Through her gifts of channeling, she is able to see, feel, know, sense, and hear these messages streaming through the ethers from Avatars and Master Guides in higher dimensional realms of Light as well as from benevolent guides. They seek to communicate, share knowledge and wisdom from other star systems and planets in the Universe. In this way, as a sacred scribe, she essentially is able to take dictation from Spirit and receive inspirational download messages and stories from evolved and enlightened beings who wish to help Humanity’s evolution at this time. Marie has written, scribed, and channeled for 20 years now. But it was only in the summer of 2016 that her guides clarified to her a more refined purpose that she is to personally play in the planet’s ascension process. They said, “You are a frequency writer. You write the Frequencies and Codes of Light into the Consciousness of this World. And thus you help to bring New Codes through many timelines to elevate the planet and to inspire New Light. Therefore from that message she created her website Frequency Writer. The website shares stories for the inner child, to new earth soul songs, to unique high-frequency product and t-shirt designs, to self-help books, to scribed messages that describe our past history, patterns, and creations, to channeled messages that are relevant to the heart of Humanity and the earth shifts occurring today. This is Marie's passion and what she loves to do, and this is her purpose in this life. Scribing, and frequency writing, is who she IS. It is what makes the best music play through her divine instrument. Through a number of catalyzing events and experiences in her life, her spiritual gifts awakened and activated. Our greatest challenges become our greatest gifts. Marie has a non-profit Whole Soul School and Foundation, which is dedicated to the education, enrichment, integration, and liberation of the Soul. It offers a unique educational platform that supports the expansion of an individual’s self-awareness, highest potential, understanding of abundance, authentic power, and overall well-being. To learn more about Marie please visit her websites & YouTube Channel:

July 2019 Energy Update

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