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Are You Sovereign? Or Does the WHO Control You?

There is some confusion around what happened in Genéve Switzerland, at the 77th World Health Assembly, this past weekend. As I wrote last week, no one should be concerned about what the WHO does or does not. Because if you live your life as a sovereign being, with all authority as to what you do with your own body, then nothing they do will ever matter to you.

For example, in 2020, I never wore a mask. I never did anything that was recommended by the WHO. Because I live my life freely as a sovereign being and I know that they have absolutely no authority over me. Regardless of what they sign.

Anyway, I would like to clear up any confusion that people may have about what happened in Genéve this past weekend. There is a great video at the bottom of this article in which James Roguski explains what changes were actually made to the IHR.

The Lee County Republican Assembly Declared The UN, WHO & WEF Terrorist

The Lee County Republican Assembly, which is a grassroots conservative Republican organization, passed a resolution introduced by Joseph Sansone, declaring the UN, WHO, and WEF, as terrorist organizations.

The resolution additionally brands cooperation with these organizations as an act of treason against the United States and the State of Florida. Unfortunately, the Executive Board of the Lee County Republican Party refused to allow the declaration to come up for a vote by the full Executive Committee, which would have likely passed.

The resolution passed by the Lee County Republican Assembly calls on the Florida Legislature and Governor to pass legislation declaring cooperation with the United Nations, World Health Organization, and World Economic Forum, an act of treason against the United States, and the State of Florida.

The WHO's Successful Power and Money Grab

In Genéve Switzerland, at the 77th World Health Assembly, the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR). These amendments were heavily protested by many. First off there is a difference between the IHR and the Pandemic Treaty. These are two different documents that many people are getting confused about and lumping them into one.

The Pandemic Treaty was tabled for later in the year, or even possibly for next year. Therefore, there was no Pandemic Treaty agreed upon. However, there were amendments made to the IHR, where the WHO adopted their proposed amendments.

New Amendments to the IHR were adopted by the WHO on June 1, 2024. Contrary to much protesting against any changes, the WHO actually adopted a range of new amendments to the IHR.

Successful Protest in Front of the WHO HQ in Geneva

On Friday May 31, 2024, starting around 12:00 PM local time in Genéve, there were many protesting against the WHO’s adoption of new amendments to the existing IHR regulations.

The WHO had also been attempting to make the WHO member nations agree to a brand-new Pandemic Treaty. The Pandemic Treaty was off the table already before the 77th World Health Assembly started, however, the WHO succeeded in adopting new amendments to the IHR.

The protest was arranged by two fractions of the local overall freedom, health, and truth movement, namely Road to Geneva, headed by Michelle Cailler, and The Geneva Project, headed by Attorney Philipp Kruse. There were more than 50 demonstrations and protests. These protests were done in a very orderly and peaceful manner.

However, the outcome of the World Health Assembly in Geneva amendments to the IHR was not what the protestors had hoped for. The WHO’s 77th WHA concluded by adopting new amendments to the IHR.

Pandemic Treaty Put on Hold

The work on the Pandemic Treaty, which goes under many different names, has been postponed to the future. However, the 77th WHA shows that the Globalists are still pushing forward with the adoption of amendments to an existing IHR. The IHR was adopted in Denmark in 2007, with no public debate or protest.

The then Minister of Health, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, simply sent a note to all political parties in parliament, saying that if he did not hear anything back from them, Denmark would become part of the IHR.

With the new amendments, Danmark, and all other member states got their existing IHR agreement updated with new amendments to take effect in approximately 18 months depending on the individual IHR status. However, two countries, Costa Rica and Slovakia had already told the WHO that they will opt out of the IHR amendments.

The other member states now have approximately 18 months to decide to opt out if they choose to. If a member state does nothing, the amendments will automatically take effect at that time.

James Roguski Explains the Amendments to the IHR. (Substack video)

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Here is Del Bigtree spinning the Truth again. Yes, they did not sign the Pandemic treaty. They had already tabled that before they met last weekend. However, what they did do was make significate amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR). You don’t hear Del talking about what they actually did do. This is why I cannot watch the Highwire anymore. It is no different than mainstream News now, only taking an opposition position. The Highwire is just as controlled as mainstream News, only now the Globalists own both sides, like they always do.

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