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Modern Science Thinks It Can Do Better Than God/Nature

It was the science of quantum physics that inspired my spiritual Awakening in 2007. I have had many scientists as guests on my podcast Awake 2 Oneness Radio. I have followed the work of Gregg Braden since 2010 and I am very impressed with the interview he did earlier this month.

The title of the show is The Spiritual Battle for Our Humanity: Transhumanism, DNA, AI & Our Forgotten Past. I first learned about Transhumanism in 2020. This has been the Globalist Elites’ agenda for humanity for quite some time now. This is not a hidden secret; it is right out in the open and has been for the past decade.

Even though this agenda for humanity’s future is out in the open, still many people want to dismiss it and label it a conspiracy theory. There are still so many who close their eyes to the truth right in front of their face.

In the interview, Gregg does a great job of explaining this battle for humanity’s humanness and Humanity’s Divinity. The battle between the Light and dark forces. Remember that darkness can never extinguish the Light; Light always illuminates darkness. Also, science has proven that the high vibration of Love is 10,000 times more powerful than the low vibration of fear and hate. Therefore, in essence, the Light and God have already won this battle. We just must go through the evolutionary process, which takes a little time.

Science vs Nature

Mainstream News and propaganda science have been trying to make us believe that our natural immunity is inferior to man-made vaccines. In 2021 this proven fact was even being censored on social media. There is overwhelming evidence that your natural God-given immunity system is far superior to any so-called vaccines. This is FACT, not theory!

Propaganda science wants us to believe that humans are flawed at birth and now have started to inject newborn babies on day one of life with poisonous toxic chemicals and metals. How does the human race even have a chance to survive with these insane practices going on daily?

Now they want all vaccines to be mRNA injections that do alter human DNA. It is our human DNA that makes us human. This statement about mRNA is not a theory, it has been proven scientifically. I had an email conversation with Dean Radin, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) about mRNA. He had to admit that studies are showing that mRNA might affect DNA.

These scientists are trying to alter human DNA with experimental injections like the COVID-19 shots. Anyone who got these shots, your DNA is no longer 100% human. This was the Globalist’s trick to get the ball rolling for their Transhumanism agenda. They have been announcing this agenda to the world for a decade, however, they did not tell us they were planning on tricking us into complying with this agenda with lies.

Every Discussion Is Weaponized to Divide Us

The world is deliberately being polarized from all sides by mainstream media and governments. There is not one topic that is not polarized. The topics of race, gender, politics, religion, war, and medical choice. We used to be able to discuss these topics in a civil manner, not letting our different viewpoints divide us and turn us into enemies.

The Globalists have always used fear and divide and conquer as their only means of controlling the masses. How else can only 1% of the world population control 99% of the population? It is mind control, by controlling what we perceive as truth.

When we unite and stand as one family in Love, Peace, and Unity regardless of our differences. When we unite despite our opinions and viewpoints, that is when they will have absolutely zero power over us. When we come together for the betterment of all of mankind. We are at the dawn of this awakening now. Rising above our issues, rising above our perceived limitations to see the Big Picture for humanity’s future.

Because We Can Do It, Does It Mean We Should Do It

Because we can make an atomic bomb, does that mean we should make an atomic bomb? Because we can now alter human DNA, does this mean that we should alter our God-given DNA that was designed from a Higher Source?

Science thinks it can do things better than nature, in essence, better than God. That nature is somehow flawed, and they can create things in a lab better than God and nature. That is why they are creating synthetic everything, including food. We all know that nothing that is created in a lab is superior to Mother Nature.

All of the technology only tries to mimic what is already happening naturally. Therefore, because now man can mimic nature in a lab by changing our human DNA, and merging our human bodies with technology should we blindly allow this to happen? The Globalists are not asking for our permission. They plan to keep ticking us into allowing this to happen the way they tricked much of the population into taking an experimental shot the past few years.

My email conversation with Dean Radin, Chief Scientist of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) will give you a better understanding of where the Globalists and propaganda science want to lead humanity. Here is a copy of our conversation.

My Conversation with Dean Radin

Dear Dean,

I hope this email finds you well. I was thinking about our last communication, and I wanted to share this with you. It was your work and others in the documentary film What the Bleep that led to my spiritual awakening. I love telling people that it was the core principles of quantum physics that led to my understanding and knowledge. I connect science with spirituality from a layperson’s viewpoint.

I also have been following the work of Gregg Braden since 2010 and had the honor of meeting him in person when I was the Executive Assistant for Humanity’s Team in 2017. He just did an interview last week that resonates with me greatly. Much of what he is sharing in this interview is the core of what I was saying to you. I love the fact that he is also bridging science with spirituality.

The Spiritual Battle for Our Humanity: Transhumanism, DNA, AI & Our Forgotten Past -

He is speaking about Transhumanism, the merging of the human body with technology. This global movement of Transhumanism started with their first move on the human race in December 2020. Suppose you agreed to and allowed yourself to take part in the COVID-19 vaccine experiment that was being mandated and coerced by the medical community and employers. You have already unknowingly or knowingly begun the process of Transhumanism within your body. This is the scientific FACT that mRNA changes the human DNA.

This Truth I have been sharing publicly since March 2020. From our last communication, I see you disagree with me. But maybe you will listen to Gregg. I know that Gregg, Bruce Lipton, and Lynne McTaggart are speaking this TRUTH in their own unique way. I hope that even if you do not agree with me, you will at least listen to the 3 of them.

Many people worldwide are now waking up to the TRUTH that everything that they were told by the mainstream News in 2020 was lies. NOW is the time for Humanity’s Great Awakening. This is waking up to the Truth of who we are as Sovereign Divine Beings of Lights as well as waking up to the truth that everything that we have been told by the Globalist Elites is just a plan to transform and enslave humanity.

Sharing in Love & Light!

Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline

Dean’s reply:

Well, I continue to disagree. I am cofounder and chairman of an RNA interference company. We know with extremely high confidence -- through many experiments -- that RNA therapies do not change DNA. I like Gregg, but as far as I know he doesn't have a background in microbiology or genetics. If he did, he'd know that.  


This doesn't mean that everything "they" tell us is 100% accurate, and it's probably true that the world is "controlled" to a limited extent by a remarkably small number of people (a few thousand, perhaps). But I am not a fan of conspiracy theories because many are based on highly implausible myths that can lead you down a paranoid rabbit hole that is very difficult to escape.


best wishes,



My reply:

Dearest Dean,

I very much appreciate your reply. I am not a scientist at all. However, what resonates as true for me, much of it is based on science. Ultimately for me, it is my inner guidance and critical thinking skills that I live by. My inner guidance comes from a higher source, which I call my higher self.

My thoughts do not come from conspiracy theories at all. The term conspiracy theory was coined by the CIA after JFK’s assassination in the early 1960s. The word conspiracy means a group of people who conspire to do something illegal and/or unethical. And the word theory means something that is not proven. Personally, I am NOT a conspiracy theorist.

You would know much more than me about mRNA, and Gregg does not mention mRNA in his video. I was going by what I learned several years ago about the meaning of mRNA. From my understanding, it is manmade and synthetic. It is not from nature. I am completely holistic, I do not put anything unnatural in my body if I can help it. I do not eat GMO foods, I try to only eat organic whole foods. I also avoid processed foods.

I know that our god-given natural immunity is far superior to anything that is made in a lab by man. From my understanding, the COVID-19 shots are genetically modified organisms (GMO), organisms whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering methods.

I have had only one vaccine in my entire life in the mid-1960s and I am healthier than many people half my age. I rarely get sick and I have not seen a doctor since 1998. Since when has a person’s personal healthcare choices become a political issue? This only began in 2020. It was in 2020 I learned about Transhumanism.

Therefore, using my inner guidance and my own critical thinking skills I see that the 1% Globalist Elites do control the 99% of the world population by controlling the narrative. I stopped watching the News in 2001. This was completely directed by my higher self. I had no clue at that time why my inner guidance told me to never watch the News again. That was right after 9/11.

For me, it is all about living my life from inner guidance and inner wisdom and using my own critical thinking skills. If you get the chance I think you will see there is some great wisdom in what Gregg is sharing in the video I shared with you.

Thank you for your reply!

Much Love & Appreciation,


Dean’s reply:

> about the meaning of mRNA. From my understanding, it is manmade and synthetic. It is not from nature. 


mRNA means messenger RNA. It's a completely 100% natural aspect of how DNA turns its coded information into proteins, which make up the physical form of the body. 


The synthetic form of mRNA, as used in covid vaccines, is new, and it's based on our understanding of how natural mRNA works. It is true that through a process called retrotransposition an mRNA molecule might be reinserted into DNA. 


However, whether synthetic mRNA actually affects DNA remains an open question. Some legitimate researchers think it might. As best as I can tell, even if there were an occasional mutation it probably isn't a big deal because our DNA is constantly being mutated everytime you step out into the sun. Cosmic rays, ultraviolet light, etc., regularly break DNA, and when the body repairs it, it may or may not revert to the unmutated form. A more serious question is whether alteration of DNA can enter the germ line, because that would be passed down through future generations.


I once attended a national conference on environmental mutagens, which is how natural and synthetic aspects of the environment are constantly causing mutations in DNA. It is frightening to think about how many things we are constantly exposed to that can eventually cause fatal mutations. Fortunately, after millions of years of evolution, our immune systems are exceptionally good at repairing DNA damage, otherwise no one would live more than a few years.


So I take back my previous opinion that mRNA cannot affect DNA. In principle, it might. The questions that are currently being studied is whether it actually can, and if so how much. So yes, caution is prudent, provided that getting covid is not a concern (and it should be given the consequences of ending up with long covid or giving it to someone else).


best wishes,



My reply:

Dear Dean,

Your words:

The synthetic form of mRNA, as used in covid vaccines, is new, and it's based on our understanding of how natural mRNA works. It is true that through a process called retrotransposition an mRNA molecule might be reinserted into DNA. However, whether synthetic mRNA actually affects DNA remains an open questionSome legitimate researchers think it might.

YES, what I learned from Gregg’s video is that technology tries to mimic what occurs naturally in the human body. The point in my email is that the natural human body is designed Perfectly at birth. Man is trying to mimic what the human body does naturally. And they really do not know if this will affect DNA. They said from day one that the COVID-19 shots were experimental. They also said from day one it was not tested to stop a person from getting the illness or stop the spread of the illness. I have known this information from when they were in the trial phase of these shots. I know this because I do not watch the News.

I see that now we are more on the same page. I trust nature! I understand that through natural evolution our DNA is being altered. I have no issues at all with the natural evolution of man. My issue is when man starts to do things they are unaware of what the outcome will be in the long run.

As far as Covid, I never wore a mask and you know I have not had any shots. I never got covid, I never got ill at all. I am far healthier than anyone I know who got the shots. The people I know personally who got the shots got anywhere from 1 to 3 shots. Now everyone I know says they will not get anymore. There are so many people I know who are passing away, many are passing away at relatively young ages, 30 to 55. Every person I know who has died in the past 3 years had the COVID shots and most are younger than me.

My girlfriend’s son passed away in his sleep a few weeks ago. He was only 46 years old. He was a medical assistant and worked in a hospital. He did not want to get the shots however, to keep his job he had to get them. His mother called me and said she knew his death was from the COVID-19 shots. There is not one person I know who did not get the shots that regrets NOT getting them. However, there are people I know who got the shots that do regret getting them.

I hope you know that I am an extremely honest person. There is so much that is being hidden and covered up about the harm and deaths that these shots are causing globally. This information you would never hear on mainstream News. However, I am witnessing this and this is NOT conspiracy theory, this is conspiracy facts that are deliberately being covered up.

These shots were experimental, that is a known fact. Why would any government mandate an experimental shot? That goes completely against the Nuremberg Code of Ethics. If we do not have a say over what goes into our own bodies, then there is no freedom at all, and we are no more than farm animals. Bodily sovereignty and bodily autonomy are essential to be free. You must ask yourself, why was an experimental shot mandated on a population?

I have the utmost respect for you as a person and as a scientist. Now is the time in our history when everyone must ask these questions with an open mind. That was the point of Gregg's video.

Much Love & Appreciation,


Dean’s reply:

> the natural human body is designed Perfectly at birth.


Well, there are over 6000 perfectly natural genetic diseases, and I doubt that anyone with those diseases would agree! 


best wishes,



My reply:

Dear Dean,

I believe that what God designed will always be superior to anything that man can design. You even said in your email that nature's DNA evolution is miraculous. 

Your words:

Fortunately, after millions of years of evolution, our immune systems are exceptionally good at repairing DNA damage, otherwise no one would live more than a few years.

This statement says it all!

Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline

The Spiritual Battle for Our Humanity: Transhumanism, DNA, AI & Our Forgotten Past

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